Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Stuff

A few bits of randomness is all I can come up with today.

* Anna brought home a mean, persistent virus last week and shared it with me. Gotta love the generosity of my children.
* I hate budget time at church.
* I hate budget time anywhere!
* I love that the temps have dropped enough in the mornings that I can raise my windows awhile at the office.
* I got a new phone yesterday. I've moved from the world of Blackberry to the world of Droid. Definite learning curve. But oh, the apps available . . .
* Last Wednesday was my strongest running day in a long while. The bug hit Thursday. Wonder how much ground I've lost in a week's time?
* I performed a wedding by the Charleston Harbor last weekend. The weather and the setting were beautiful. I love/hate weddings.
* I haven't been to the beach in over two weeks. I need to hear the ocean.
* Three consecutive days of public speaking while fighting a bad sore throat (rehearsal, wedding, worship) has resulted in a painful, strained larynx. I'm going to swear off talking as much as I can for a few days. Even a phone conversation is uncomfortable. (No - seriously. Those of you who know me IRL can quit laughing already!)
* Going through a tough time with my son. He's made some very bad choices recently. Allowing him to experience the full brunt of the consequences is tough for a mom who likes to protect her kids. I know it's best in the long run, though.
* When I'm the only one in the church, it makes me nervous when someone pulls up in the parking lot and just sits, and sits, and sits. Does that make me a weenie?
* I just discovered Michael Connelly's novels - and there are a lot of them. Sometimes it's good to be able to get lost in a world of fiction. I go nowhere without my Kindle these days. If you see me and I look a little distant, I'm probably tagging along with a rogue cop in L.A. in my mind. Sorry.
* I'd love to find a new series with a strong female protagonist. Suggestions, anyone?


revsongbird said...

Hey, whatever fictional world helps is okay! I always wander off to Jane Austen.

Angie Mizzell said...

I love randomness. And this post gives us a glimpse into your personality. I think last week was the week of the virus. :( Hope you get some R & R.

Crimson Rambler said...

I find Dickens surprisingly refreshing and invigorating although Oh! Boy! he starts slow!